Paul Matthew

From the UK via New York to the West Coast Paul talks to Jen Cordova about his unusual photographic journey.

There is no such thing as a typical working week for photographer, Paul Matthew. He has photographed celebrities and models in exotic locations and built up
massive collection of over 8,000 images that are sold online via stock photography sites such as Getty Images, Fotolia, Shutterstock, Dreamtime, 123rf, Alamy,CanStock and many more.  These images range from conceptual subjects to beauty portraits.

For Paul, working as a full-time commercial photographer was a long-held dream. After finishing school he moved from his childhood home near Birmingham to New York City, where he captured the architecture and vibrancy of the city.

While Paul has been away from his Birmingham roots a long time, his family and humble roots keep him down to earth and very approachable to clients and models alike.  "I love England and Birmingham dearly but those cloudy sunless sky's were always a nagging impulse to get away and find adventure in a sunny land.

Living now in Scottsdale, Arizona means an endless summer with bright, blue-sky and the ability to shoot the kind of beauty, fashion images that I always dreamed of.

“I have always been determined to succeed,  I still have a massive collection of inspiration imagery and I'm not ashamed to admit that initially I would look at other photographers work for clues as to how they achieved their success.  I would even look at the catch lights in the eyes of models to see the lighting set up."

“I like to have a light easy going set while shooting, my photography is all about capturing a unique moment, be it an expression or a change in light,” That’s what distinguishes good photography from great photography".

“I am excited to develop my video production skills and will be sharing new content soon on this site.

I shoot primarily for stock and have found that my clients are usually looking for multi ethnic young energetic lifestyle imagery.  Hiring the right talent is essential,
it helps to have contacts with the agencies here in Arizona and also knowing non agency talent too.


The current portfolio on my site is a mix of work created primarily for stock photography.  However, I welcome requests for exclusive photographic imagery for your business or for headshots, fashion or beauty needs.

Please call or email me to discuss your needs.  Please check out my other social network sites to stay in touch on a more regular basis,




Featured on Creative Live with Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler

Winner of the Adobe Photoshop 2008, Post processing image

New York Portfolio showcased in UK Magazine. Photography 2004