Custom prints from recent shoots.

My images are at their best when printed large.  The camera produces images that can be enlarged to massive sizes.  Printing options are wide and varied, I love the look of prints on glass or acrylic.  Here are a few pictures that I recent printed.

Limo Advert Post Processing

Just finished a retouch job for a limo company.   They really wanted a lot of color in the sky; my initial edits were too subtle for their liking, they eventually settled on this one.

Retouched Image
Unedited Image

Second Place in Lindsay Adlers Photo Posing Competition

I was so excited to win second place in the photo posing competition especially since it was decided by Lindsay Adler who is one of my favorite fashion photographers,   This image was taken with Melody Rosales a gorgeous young woman, it was literally the only frame I took as she was rather shy about posing in this somewhat exposed location.   It was nice to win the prize too as I left my expensive Nikon SB900 flash at the location!!


Headshot Retouching

$25 Headshot Retouching


I offer professional level retouching for just $25.   I keep my price this low by my understanding of skin types, retouching skills and ten years of photoshop experience.


My retouching starts with analyzing the overall image for color correction and exposure;  Next I will identify the areas of the face that need retouching.  I apply layered contouring and wrinkle removal that removes blemishes without removing skin texture.  My final edits will be sent to you in two versions, one for sites like  Actors Access & LA Casting and another larger version for potential prints.

  • $25 per image - payment through Paypal to
  • 24 hour turn-around (Usually, depending on how busy our image load is. Same day rush available for an additional fee )
  • Images delivered in high resolution for print, and web resolution.

To submit your images for retouching please email the highest quality copy to my email at

Editing Pics from Limo Shoot

Last week I was hired to shoot a limo company airside at Scottsdale Airport.  The brief was to capture an element of luxury so we used a 30 million dollar plane as a prop!   Here is a before and after retouch from the shoot.   The retouch involved removing unwanted clutter from behind the aircraft and adding some punch to the colors.  This shot was taken with a 70-200mm lens on a Sony A600 at F2.8.